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Blades of Cairndale: Synopsis

In the easternmost region of the continent Almuria, southeast of the Snowfang Mountains and north of the Confederacy of Southern Townships sits the Queendom of Cairndale. Ruled by the Witch-Queen Azyriana (a half-demon), Cairndale has enjoyed years of prosperity and economic expansion. The Bladed Scourge, the armed force of Cairndale, has secured the nation’s borders and expanded the territories under Azyriana’s banner. But the land has not always known the rule of a queen. Many years ago, Azyriana’s father, Thurzir the Demon-King, god of demons, projected his mind into his Abyssal realm to meditate and grow stronger, that he may rule his mortal kingdom with supreme power. As his return draws nigh, Azyriana makes ready to receive him, though strange dreams plague her in the night. Is her loyal servant Van correct in that these dreams are an ominous portent of things to come? Are ill forces aligning against the throne, or have they already aligned?

A revolt in the city of Eastcliff draws a battalion of the Bladed Scourge to the coastal town to set things right. Is this rebellion an act of petty disobedience or only a minuscule portion of a scheme far greater than any Scourge warrior could imagine? Three soldiers–a squad leader named Zuna and two of her subordinates, Garyn Valenthir and Esme the nymphling–take center stage as this drama unfolds, and they come into the direct service of the Witch-Queen, tasked with an errand of dire importance…

Want to read more? I am self-publishing this novel, which will be finished by September 1st. Soon I will be posting an excerpt for you all to read. If you like the sound of this, you can contribute to my project by donating to the fund that will see it published and made available to the public.

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