The Barbarian Bard

Tales and Musings by Michael A. Espinoza

Lord of Masks

A boy was born whose visage
filled his parents’ hearts with dread.
They bade a doctor shape a face
to hide his loathsome head.
The doctor taught the boy to shape
a fair and pleasing one,
then placed it square upon his head,
so the monstrous face was gone.
The boy grew content in his face
and wore it every day.
“How beautiful, your child is,”
his parents’ friends would say.
But for a growing boy with lofty goals,
life makes many a task,
not too many for the boy to take,
but too many for one mask.
With cunning skill he set about
to crafting many faces;
each with different looks to win
friends from different places.
He wore a special face to work
that brought him great success.
He wore a face to casual dates,
and to balls of fancy dress.
And at each event he did attend,
always was he seen well,
as a man of class, of charm, and wit,
in favor did he dwell.
But time is short, fame shorter still,
and his wore out its span,
leaving him a tired, old,
and lonely, bitter man.
He woke each day in a silent house
and found himself alone,
and whatever face he chose to wear,
none felt quite like his own.


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3 thoughts on “Lord of Masks

  1. Truly one of the best opens I have ever read. What an amazing writer!

  2. Terri Kuenstler on said:

    Truly one of the best Poems I have ever read. What an amazing writer!

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