The Barbarian Bard

Tales and Musings by Michael A. Espinoza

About the Author (Michael A. Espinoza)

Hail loyal readers and future readers alike,
I am Michael A. Espinoza. I am an avid fantasy reader and writer. When I’m not typing up some new story or a fragment of a sort of musing that may one day be used (but just maybe), you can find me either playing my guitar, singing heavy metal songs, enjoying some video games, or engaging in a good, old-fashioned pen-and-paper RPG. *rolls a natural 20 on his “Total Nerd” skill check* I plan to talk about all manner of subjects on this blog, as well as post short stories and promotional content for my larger works in progress. Feel free to comment below and ask me any questions or leave general comments about the site and/or my work. I’ll do my best to answer your posts regularly. Likewise, I encourage you to visit my YouTube channel if you’re interested in hearing some of my music.


2 thoughts on “About the Author (Michael A. Espinoza)

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  2. Looking forward to reading.

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